31 December 2013

13 Things for 2013: Update

Well the year has officially come to a close. While I didn't accomplish everything on my list, I am happy with what I did accomplish this year. 

1. Run a race (either 5K or 10K)
I feel like I add this to every list but I don't know if it will ever happen. I really hate running.
2. Bake more cake pops 
 All I did this year was make cake pops (okay not really but it seems like it). Haha. They are so well loved though.
3. Make a meal only from things bought at the farmers market.
I probably shouldn't be crossing this off it wasn't completely from the farmers market, but I am going to let it slide. The main ingredients were and I shopped the farmers market on a much more regular basis then I have in the past.

4. Get a summer job in my field
I had a wonderful internship experience! 
5. Read a Jane Austin novel
6. Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity one Saturday
I am actually really upset that this never happened. Usually there are build days offered through the club at school but it never seemed to work out this year. Oh well. 
7. Take a cooking class
Sort of forgot about this/never found a class that interested me
8. Make a recipe book with family favourites
I feel like I can half cross this off. I started one, made an outline, then got busy and didn't make/photograph all of the dishes. 
9. Go on a trip/vacation
10. Make my own tea blend
I have gotten adventurous in mixing different teas/blends to create something unique. Its quite fun actually.
11. Blog at least 1x per week
For the most part I went above and beyond on this one. Posting on average 3x per week! 
12. Have a board game night

We have had a few fun board game nights. Cards Against Humanity and Monopoly never get old.
13. Give hot yoga another try
I never got around to this one either. I think its still too soon after my horrible experience last time.

Overall I managed to accomplish about half the items on my list which I am pretty proud of. Not bad for a "New Years Resolution". 

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