16 December 2013

Cookie Packaging

With all the Christmas baking I have planned I have been looking at different ways to creatively package my baked goods to share with friends and family this season. Here are some of my favourites: 

I love the simplicity of these tins. They can be reused for years to come and I love how great they all look grouped together. Such a simple way to reuse tins or to fancy up tins from the dollar store. 

Glass jars are a fun way to share treats with people. I think one cookie only would look best in these jars. Add a bow on top, a ribbon and a tag and you have a simple and beautiful gift for anyone on your list. 

This reminds me of a box of chocolates. I like how they used liners to separate the different cookies. Beautiful presentation. 

Chinese takeout containers are a favourite of mine. Even simply lined with festive coloured tissue paper and tied with a ribbon they look fantastic. Decorating these containers would be a great holiday craft for those with kids. 

Kraft paper. Twine. Glitter letters. A touch of nature. Enough said. 

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