20 December 2013

David's Tea Advent Calendar: Week 3

Day 13:

This tea steeps up beautifully. The leaves have tiny gold balls in them that actually glitter once it is steeped. It is beautiful to look at and true to its name.  Its not officially labeled as a chai tea but it definitely has that spiciness to it and those hints of flavour. The strongest being the cinnamon. The look and shimmer of this tea are definitely its strengths and out weigh the taste for me. 

Day 14:

I wanted oh so badly to like this tea. I have been wanting to add to my rooibos collection and I have been loving all the different rooibos that I have been trying lately. I love drinking them at night before bed since they are caffeine free. Both the boy and I took one sip of this tea and dumped it. It was SO cinnamon-y. To the point where I felt like I had just had a spoonful of cinnamon (although I have never tried the cinnamon challenge it seemed like an appropriate comparison). 

Day 15: 

Ah. A classic today. It was just what I wanted. Something simple and familiar. This tea to me is just so comforting. A touch of milk and a dash of sugar and I am transported to my grandmother's housing having tea and dipping her cookies in it. 

Day 16: 

In all honesty I didn't try this tea. It smelt wonderful and I am sure I would enjoy it but it being at Mate tea it is a stimulant and I just wasn't feeling something fruity this morning. I like black teas in the mornings, especially in winter. There is just something comforting to me about them and this was not gonna cut it this morning. Then when I was in the mood for something fruity I of course wanted something that wouldn't keep me up all night. I think I am going to save this to ice for hot summer mornings. 

Day 17: 

Cream of Earl Grey is probably my favourite tea. Which is saying a lot. It is the one I most recommend to people.  It is the tea that made me fall in love with David's Tea. It is just so perfect. I drink it on a regular basis and when I stop drinking it for a while and come back to it I fall in love even more. It just has the perfect balance vanilla flavour mixed with earl grey. I cannot do justice to this tea. Just go try it. You can thank me later. 

Day 18:

Another tea that I was not a fan of. I loved the smell of the tea, it was bright and fruity. The actual tea itself was bitter and gross. I didn't end up finishing this tea either. Maybe I burnt the leaves? I might give this another try. Its a white and green tea blend and I usually like blends but I have mostly had white and black tea blends.  I wonder what it was about this tea. 

 Day 19:

This is one of David's cutest teas. It has mini chocolate chips and lip sprinkles in it. It just makes me so happy. I love this tea on its own but its even more delicious as a latte. The black tea mixed with that hint of peppermint and chocolate is delicious. This tea will satisfy your sweet tooth and I love that it combines two of my favourite flavours: peppermint and chocolate. 

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  1. Love this, it's so cute!! Thanks for sharing. :)

    a Classy State of Grace

  2. Angela @ Life in Velvet21 December 2013 at 22:08

    Thanks so much for linking up at the Really Last Minute Christmas Link Party! This is such a fun idea! I love tea, and I would love to wake up to the excitement of trying a new one every day :) Happy holidays!

  3. Its been fun! Thanks so much for hosting the Link-up! I love finding new blogs and friends :)


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