9 December 2013

Gift: Hot Chocolate in a Mug

I knew I wanted to share some of the marshmallows I made with my friends and family. So I put together these super cute and simple mugs with everything they would need for a mug of hot chocolate.   

I found the mugs at my local dollar store. I was surprised by their super cute collection of Christmas mugs. I decided to add a small bottle of Baileys since its amazing in hot chocolate and found a sample pack at the LCBO. I add a pack of hot chocolate and some marshmallows then wrapped it up in cellophane. It was a quick and easy gift that I know they will love for under $10. 


  1. One Broke Student9 December 2013 at 17:42

    This is always my go-to quick inexpensive gift for friends. I like throwing in some mint chocolate chips or something as well and a candy cane to stir!

  2. A candy cane to stir would have been so cute! I wish I thought of that. Next time :)


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