6 December 2013

David's Tea Advent Calendar: Week 1

Day 1: 
I was actually really excited to see White Chocolate Frost as the tea for the first day. It is one of the few on the list that I have yet to try so I was excited to try a new tea. The main flavours that are promised in this tea are mint and white chocolate. I tasted the mint for sure but I didn't really get a white chocolate flavour coming through. The tea also had a thin film of oil across the top which I am assuming is from the melted white chocolate. If you like peppermint teas then you will like this one for sure. It is a bit creamy, again from the white chocolate. I don't think its anything special I do like that its a herbal tea which I can drink at night and is different from other herbal teas I own which are mostly fruity. I think I prefer chocolate mint rooibos.

Day 2: 

The smell of this tea is extremely sweet almost like candy which I was not expecting.  The flakes of coconut in this tea are HUGE like larger then they usually are in David's Teas. There is also almond and apple flavours. The actual steeped tea is a sweater tea for sure and doesn't have that usual earthy rooibos flavour. They must have tweaked their blend from last year's alpine punch because I remember it being overly cinnamon-y which caused my mouth to be very dry. I am not getting that this year. A change for the better for sure! I am actually pleasantly surprised and would consider adding this tea to my collection. Its the perfect tea for cold winter night as its caffeine free.  

Day 3: 

Another tea that I have never tried. They always pull it down for me when I am in the store but something has always held me back from trying. While I love black teas I am not a huge fan of fruits in my black teas. I like to be able to add milk and something about fruit and milk together just doesn't sit well with me. This tea smells wonderful and the blueberry's come through very strongly. However, once steeped I found that blueberry smell did not translate into blueberry taste. Perhaps I will try it iced next time since I usually like fruity teas iced or maybe I should go nuts and add some milk to it. I want to love this tea so badly but theres just something missing. 

 Day 4: 

Forever Nuts is probably one of the best selling teas that David's Tea has and yet I have never jumped on its band wagon. For the longest time I thought it was that I didn't like the almonds in tea but now I have a few favourites that do have almonds so I am not sure what exactly it is that I don't love about this tea.  It has grown on me over the years and I don't mind a cup of it now and again but its not something that I would put into heavy rotation. It sort of tastes like apple pie. I prefer this tea when it is warm rather then first steeped or cooled completely. I have been told its good with spiced rum so perhaps I will have to try that. 

Day 5: 

This is one of my favourite latte teas. The only thing that bothers me about it, is that has an oily layer on top. Probably again from the chocolate. Its not sweet like you would expect a chocolate tea to be and it actually doesn't remind me of any of their more chocolate-y teas. The cinnamon is probably the most dominate flavours of this tea which I don't mind in this case since I dampen it with the milk for the latte. I am not a fan of this tea straight but as a latte its wonderful!  

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  1. One Broke Student6 December 2013 at 13:21

    I love the suggestions you've made on how to drink each tea! I was thinking the same thing about icing the blueberry jam. Love your blog!


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